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    Dec 2012

    How to Adjust a Motorcycle Chain

    I was recently at a friends house helping them adjust their chain. He had never done this before so we spent a few minutes online and found it wasn't as hard as we had first though. I thought I would share this video for all the beginning motorcycle enthusiast on this forum who are interested in adjusting their chains.

    How to Adjust a Motorcycle Chain | eHow.co.uk

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    Junior Member Lindsay365's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    Thanks for your sharing that video is really very helpful for me. I learned from there how i can adjust my bike chain though i am a racer i did not think it before just viewing that video i learned how i can adjust the chain thanks man for you video sharing. Keep it up...

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    Junior Member danealegana's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    That video will be helpful to us and other members who doesnt know how to adjust a motorcycle chain.

    And I am never aware that motorcycle chains should be adjusted occasionally for proper maintenance.

    Heads up to you!

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    United States Texas
    i learned how i can adjust the chain thanks man for you video sharing. Keep it up...



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